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Trang & Linh | Hanoi Wedding Photographer Hanoi Engagement Photography

Trang contacted me back in in August about doing an engagement photography shoot in October and wanted to do something natural and different from the traditional Vietnamese wedding style photos.

She had told me she always thought that Moc Chau, about 3 hours from Hanoi, was beautiful with it’s rolling hills of tea. This was the first of our shooting locations. I went up 1 day before the shoot to scout out locations as I really have never spent much time in Moc Chau except driving through on the way to Son La. My wife and I drove around the area and found lots of beautiful locations and double checked when the light would be the best for each location and put together a scheduled for the next days shoot. Needless to say Trang and her fiance Linh were awesome!!! They were very accommodating, fun and a great couple to photograph. After we finished this shoot we went back to Hanoi and I edited the photos before heading to NYC for some work. When I got back to Hanoi, Linh and Trang were so happy with my shoot in Moc Chau they decided to do another shoot in Hanoi. This was great as I have lived here for 6 years and had lots of locations that would be great for engagement photos. I always wanted to do a shoot in a banana plantation I found near the Red River and they totally dug the idea too. We headed over to this quiet area (hard to find in Hanoi) and I let Trang and Linh do their thing. On this particular shoot my idea was more about them trying to forget that I was there and focus more on themselves and this moment in their lives. I’m pretty happy we did this as we got some really intimate moments.

Thanks again to Linh and Trang. I had so much fun with you guys and I look forward to doing another shoot when you have your baby. 😉

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